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Get ready for an extra sppoky and fun Halloween with these four easy pizza recipes: Mini Spider Pizzas, Witches Fingers, Mummy Pizza and Pizza Dip - all made with just a few simple ingredients and with tastes everyone will love

Graphic showing four different spooky Halloween pizza recipes for a party

Since Halloween is creeping up ?? (get it?), we could all use a few quick recipes for the celebrations. And they’ve got to be fun and super spooky! We’ve created 4 appetizer ideas below with a pizza theme.

Watch how to make Spooky Halloween Pizzas – 4 Ways:

From Spider Pizzas and Witches Fingers to Mummy Pizza and Pizza Dip, these recipes are sure to help you get any party started! Which one will be your fave?

1. Mini Spider Pizzas

Try making these yummy Mini Spider Pizzas for some creepy crawly fun:

2. Witches Fingers

Witches Fingers are perfect bite size finger food that might just send a chill up your spine:

3. Mummy Pizza

Mummy Pizza is an easy recipe you can serve entombed with some costume jewelry for full effect:

4. Pizza Dip

This fun Pizza Dip has a face on the surface staring at you:

Pick your favorite idea and click on any of the images to see the recipes and video tutorials. Happy Halloween everyone!!