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This graphic shows four delicious mac and cheese recipes for a party: mac and cheese burgers, mac and cheese pizza, mac and cheese tacos and mac and cheese nachos

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese? Even as the perfect comfort food, it can get a bit repetitive on its own. Enter these 4 awesome recipes made with mac and cheese: burgers, pizza, nachos and tacos!

They’ll not only beautiful to present, but the flavors will blow your mind! Which one is your fave?

1. Mac and Cheese Pizza

Pepperoni pizza with a 100% mac and cheese crust (no dough required!):

2. Mac and Cheese Burgers

The best hamburgers made with deep fried mac and cheese as buns:

3. Mac and Cheese Tacos

Delicius bite size tacos with a creamy mac and cheese filling and tasty garnishes on top:

4. Mac and Cheese Nachos

We couldn’t make tacos without these mind-blowing nachos!

So try one or try them all, and get ready for some serious flavor! Enjoy!