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This is an overhead photo of two Oui By Yoplait French-style yogurt pots decorated with fresh fruits, biscuits and a hot beverage for the perfect DIY me moment

Our lives always seem so hectic with seemingly endless demands on our time. Know what I mean? The to-do list usually includes family, work, home and more.

So how to fit in some quality me time? It doesn’t need to be workouts, spa visits or getaways (although those are nice!). Sometimes we can simply stop and take a few minutes to enjoy something really good…

This is a close-up photo of a container of Oui By Yoplait strawberry flavor French-style yogurt

Enter this cute glass yogurt pot from Oui by Yoplait. It takes me back to a slower pace of life, when food was savored and enjoyed…

Oui means ‘yes’ in France, so it’s French-style yogurt. We created something simple and delicious in minutes with this Oui yogurt, fresh fruits and some biscuits or granola.

This is a photo of a spoon about to cut into the delicious Oui By Yoplait French-style yogurt and fresh fruits for the perfect break during a busy day

It’s a great pick-me-up on busy days and relaxing to enjoy with a great book or something to drink.

The yogurt inside is thicker, smoother and creamier than other brands we’ve tried. You can practically cut right through the cream layer, making every spoonful a real treat.

This close-up photo shows the thick, cuttable texture of Oui By Yoplait French-style yogurt

There are eight flavors available at Walmart: vanilla, plain, strawberry (our fave), blueberry, coconut, peach, lemon and black cherry. There are also strawberry and vanilla multi-packs.

This photo shows a variety of Oui By Yoplait French-style yogurt pots in a shopping cart at Walmart

One of the best features of Oui is that it’s made with non-GMO ingredients and without the additives and fillers that sneak their way into many yogurts. It feels like an artisanal product that’s easy to find nearby at Walmart.

So enjoy your next me moment with something you can feel good eating.  Watch our video to see how we made it: