Apple roses always seem to be the purview of pastry chefs or other highly skilled cooks, but guess what? You can make them too, and we’ve created some easy recipes with video tutorials to show you have to make them. With each successive rose, the process gets easier and faster!

And people are always so impressed by them. They’re perfect to pass out at holiday parties and always get compliments. Watch our video tutorial to see which one will be your fave:

1. Cinnamon Roll Apple Rose

This recipe may be the easiest, since you only have to make one rose for the middle. The remaining slices just slide in between layers of a store bought cinnamon roll…

2. Apple Rose Danishes

These apple roses danishes are the best apple rose pastry ever, and they’re fun to make too.

3. Apple Rose Cookie Cups

Delicious bite size cookies with an apple rose in them middle. Perfect for a party, kids lunches or just snacking…

4. Apple Rose Cinnamon Rolls

Apples and cinnamon go so well together that we decided to create these bite size cinnamon rolls have an apple rose in the middle:

5. Apple Rose Brownies

And last but not least, here is an apple rose recipe for chocoholics: brownie cups with apple roses in the middle.

So try one or try them all, and get ready for some serious flavor! Enjoy!

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