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These refreshing Lemonade Cocktails are deliciously festive for the holiday season. Everyone appreciates crisp citrus flavors in the middle of winter, and these drinks are finished with Mike’s Hard Lemonade, cranberries and mint to share some happiness. Plus video tutorial!

Holiday Lemonade Cocktails

We all know the holidays can be stressful and party planning is no exception. Everyone loves an original cocktail, so spread happiness around with these holiday lemonade cocktails.

The best part? You can look like a pro bartender using homemade Mike’s Hard Lemonade without all the usual planning, measuring and mixing.

Mike's Hard Lemonade six pack

Everyone loves these holiday lemonade cocktails. They’re refreshing, smooth, colorful and festive.

They say Mike’s is what laughter tastes like, and we’re down with that. It’s definitely the best flavored malt beverage out there, and puts everybody in a happy mood for the holidays.

How to make holiday lemonade cocktails

So here’s the deal. It’s easiest to start the day before to allow time to freeze. You’ll need some ice cube trays, fresh cranberries, baby mint sprigs and a fresh lemon.

Holiday Lemonade Cocktails ingredients: cranberries, lemons, fresh mint and Mike's Hard Lemonade

Using a toothpick, skewer or cake tester, poke a hole into each cranberry and then insert the mint sprig into it. These cranberries will add a very slight accent to the lemonade.

Holiday Lemonade Cocktails cranberry mint sprigs

The next step is placing one cranberry-mint into each well of the ice cube tray. Then carefully pour water in to fill it up to about 1/8” from the top, ensuring the mint is submerged.

Cranberry and mint ice cubes to make Lemonade Cocktails

Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for at least 4 hours to freeze solid up to 24 hours max. Why does this matter? Well, the mint may start to lose its bright green color if frozen too long…

When it’s time to serve, simply place several ice cubes into each serving glass. Pour in the Mike’s Hard Lemonade and garnish with a lemon wedge.

This recipe works well with the original Mike’s Hard Lemonade, and is just as good with their Strawberry Lemonade or any other flavors. Voila~!

Lemonade cocktails made two ways with Mike's Hard Lemonade original flavor and strawberry flavor, garnished with cranberries and mint

Watch how to make holiday lemonade cocktails:

Holiday Lemonade Cocktails
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Holiday Lemonade Cocktails

These Holiday Lemonade Cocktails are an easy holiday party drink using Mike’s Hard Lemonade, cranberries, mint and lemon wedges. So good! #MikesHard #DrinkOnTheBrightSide #ad
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 4 hours
Servings: 12 servings


  • 1 6-pack Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Original
  • 1 6-pack Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Strawberry - optional
  • 4 cups water , filtered preferred
  • 1 1/2 cups cranberries , fresh preferred
  • 24 baby mint sprigs
  • 1 lemon , sliced into quarter wedges


  • Place Mike’s Hard Lemonade in fridge to chill. Set aside two large ice cube trays.
  • Wash cranberries and poke a hole in the end of each using a skewer.
  • Carefully insert a mint sprig about a ¼-inch or more into each cranberry.
  • Place one cranberry-mint piece into each well of the ice cube tray.
  • Pour water into each well to fill almost to the top, pushing mint down so it’s submerged.
  • Freeze for at least 4 hours until the ice cubes are solid, to a maximum of 24 hours.


  • Arrange serving glasses, low ball or high ball according to your preference.
  • Unmold ice cubes and place 2-3 ice cubes in each glass.
  • Pour Mike’s Hard lemonade and/or strawberry lemonade to fill each glass. Garnish with optional lemon wedges. Serve and enjoy

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