Exotic Fruits

Explore exotic fruits from around the world with names, pictures and recipes. We cover tropical fruits, exotic berries and more!

Closeup of white pomelo fruit

Pomelo Fruit

Dragon Fruit: Benefits, Nutrition & How to Cut and Eat It

Yellow dragon fruit flesh cut into chunks and served in the skin

Yellow Dragon Fruit

Closeup of a pomegranate that has been cut open to expose the juicy red arils inside

How to Cut a Pomegranate

For those who love trying new things, why not venture outside of the norm and try some Exotic Fruits from all over the world? From tropical Caribbean fruits to exotic berries from Asia, there are so many tasty and unique options to try. They’re nutritious with so many health benefits!

34 Exotic Fruits: Names and Pictures

If you’re looking to try a new and unusual tropical fruit, you may want to check out the Sugar Apple. Also known as custard apples or sweet sop, this tasty fruit is quite common in West Indian countries such as Jamaica, as well as South and Central America.

Sugar Apple

Pepino melons as part of a fruit salad

Pepino Melon

Closeup of a golden kiwi cut in half

Golden Kiwi

A bowl of freshly cut papaya with berries and mint sprigs

How to Cut and Eat Papaya